This Album Of Punk Covers Of Fictional Bands Is Killer (Tofu)

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somebody kill me

New Line Cinema

If Adam Sandler had skipped SNL, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore and gone straight to The Wedding Singer, he’d still be considered a comedy icon for his performance of “Somebody Kill Me Please” alone. It’s the best song The Cure never wrote, with a perfectly Pixies-esque loud-quiet dynamic that might as well have inspired an entire generation of punk and indie rock fans.

On the Faux Real II compilation, in which real bands cover songs by fictional groups and artists, it’s LVL UP that plays The Wedding Singer classic, while Chumped (whose great Teenage Retirement you should really listen to) and Krill (ditto for A Distant Fist Unclenching) get “Threshold” (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) and “Billy Madison Victory Song,” respectively.

Find more information here, and listen to “Somebody Kill Me Please” below.

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