This Version Of ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ Created On An iPad Does Not Need More Cow Bell

Most people go directly to the Saturday Night LiveCow Bell” sketch when they hear Blue Oyster Cult’s classic “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” Hell, I did with my image choices and headline and so did the man behind this video.

But the song is a lot cooler than the sketch would let you believe. Sure it led to one of the funniest sketches in SNL history (with a lot of help from Christopher Walken), but it also provided a classic intro to Stephen King’s The Stand mini-series. It added a sardonic flavor to one of Banksy’s installations during his visit to New York. Most of all, it’s got a bad ass solo that creeps up Satan’s spine and should be never be edited out. The video keeps it in and that’s enough to make it a winner to me.

(Via Samuraiguitarist)