T.I. Delivers Another Political Message With His ‘Black Man’ Video Featuring Meek Mill And Quavo

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Starting with the release of “We Will Not,” T.I. has cast aside his street raps in favor of socially conscious music. All of this momentum culminated with his surprise EP, Us or Else, released September 23 exclusively through Tidal. To further promote the project and build upon the statement he made in the powerful “War Zone” video, the Atlanta native brings another visual for Black Man” featuring Quavo, Meek Mill, and Rara.

The black and white video opens with Quavo running from the police in fear of what they’ll to do to him when gets pulled over, telling his partner if they split up they have a better chance. He makes it to the trap house, where T.I. and Rara are bunkered down. Quavo makes the handoff to Rara, who delivers the package to Meek Mill, who’s in a church mourning the death of yet another black man taken too soon. T.I.’s verse, however, makes the most powerful statement as he joins Black Lives Matter protesters to emphasize his pointed lyrics.

“Police see I got my hands up
Still wanna kill me, they don’t understand us
They be looking for a reason just to shoot me
And wanna do me how they do us in the movies
Or how they do it out in Baton Rouge
Or Ferguson, or Florida, or Baltimore, they make excuses
Like I did cause I thought he had a pistol
Or I did it cause I thought he was a Muslim”

Watch the video above, exclusively via Tidal. Stream Tip’s surprise project Us or Else right here.