Tim Heidecker Gifts The World With The Nazi-Punching Anthem It Deserves

How many times have you watched the video of “lowercase kkk” leader Richard Spencer getting decked in the face? If it’s under 20, you’re not doing the internet right. I’ll let you have a minute and watch the video above.

Yup, still great.

Is it appropriate to cold-cock somebody? Usually no, but neo-Nazis — excuse me, “white nationalists” — are the exception to the rule. There are dozens of The Punch That Rocked 4Chan To Its Core remixes there, but one of the best responses comes from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! mastermind, Tim Heidecker. He quickly recorded a song, “Richard Spencer,” that answers the question, what if Randy Newman knew about Pepe the Frog? Sample lyric: “You can’t wish anyone dead /Even if their baseball cap is red / But if you see Richard Spencer / Why don’t you punch him in the head?” Heidecker later croons, “And if you see Richard Spencer / Won’t you give him a big black eye / Come at him swinging / Ain’t no one gonna cry, ain’t no one gonna cry.”

A comment on the song’s SoundCloud puts it best: “I’m pretty firmly pacifist, but this is funny as f*ck.” Punching people, and immortalizing said punch through song, isn’t the answer, unless it’s a Nazi. Especially when all the proceeds go to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

(Via SoundCloud)