Tim McGraw To Be A Murderous Drifter As Star Of New TNT Show

05.07.15 3 years ago

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Tim McGraw’s music career has yielded him a ton of respect and awards, including but not limited to making Playgirl’s Top 10 Sexiest Men of the Year for 1997, but he’s also been doing a fair amount of acting over the last decade or so. While he will be appearing in the motion picture Tomorrowland, out May 22, he’s also signed on to a major role in a new TNT crime drama. According to Rolling Stone, McGraw will star in, and executive produce, Robbers.

The show, based off a Christopher Cook novel that was released in 2000, is about two drifters named Eddie and Ray Bob, who go on a crime spree across Texas. Eddie wants to go straight for a woman; Ray Bob tries to keep him in the violent world of crime. You may think that McGraw would be signed up for the seemingly more sympathetic role of Eddie, but in fact he will be playing Ray Bob. It’s the more interesting choice of the two, and could allow McGraw to really stretch his acting chops.

When he’s not acting, or being married to fellow country superstar Faith Hill, McGraw is still releasing music. On June 16 of this year, he is releasing the greatest hits collection 35 Biggest Hits, which is an album title few people could get away with. McGraw is one of those people though, at least in the realm of country.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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