Tinashe’s Futuristic ‘Bouncin’ Flaunts Her Flirtatious Ways

As a newly independent artist, Tinashe has a lot more leeway with what she releases and when. In the case of her new song “Bouncin,” the day is today, and its release is stripped-down and no-frills. Without releasing a video or putting out a whole bunch of fanfare, Tinashe keeps the attention squarely on the music itself rather than its visual presentation or the circumstances of its rollout — a kind of old-school way of going about things that suggests she may be saving those components for a later date.

As far as the song itself goes, it fits firmly in her usual lane of futuristic-sounding, pop-leaning R&B. A flirtatious, dancefloor-ready song, “Bouncin” finds her enjoying the physicality of seducing a potential paramour. “Watch it bouncin’ on the ground / Got my edges sweating out / Turn it up extra loud,” she croons. She also jokes that she hopes her dirty pics “make it to the cloud,” which seems like the opposite of what most stars want, but hey, more power to her if it’s true.

“Bouncin” joins the Buddy-featuring “Pasadena” as the singer’s only two single releases of the year, and while that might constitute a slow rollout for a signed artist, it actually gives Tinashe more room to work her singles without the pressure of the arbitrary deadline and release schedule that might constrain her art and keep it from flourishing. She gets to take her time, which is alright with her fans because the music she’s put out lately has been stellar.

Check out “Bouncin” above.