Watch Tool Play ‘Eulogy’ For The First Time In 16 Years

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05.26.17 4 Comments

Tool have been knocking the dust off of a lot of things on their totally-not-a-comeback (but also maybe a comeback) tour. Alongside a brand-new personal festival and stops at big-name events like Boston Calling, the alt-metal titans are hitting a ton of spots that they haven’t visited in many years. And while they’re there, they might as well brush off some fan favorites that have been missing from their setlists for years.

That’s what went down last night in Hershey, PA. The band played “Eulogy” off of their 1996 album Ænima for the first time since 2001. Give a listen to a chunk of the song up top via some fan-shot video. Needless to say, fans we’re pretty pumped about the whole thing.

While Maynard James Keenan probably hates everyone for getting so excited about this, it’s nice to see that Tool are doing a little fan-service on their tour. Does this mean that they’ll give the fans what they really want and drop a follow-up to 10,000 Days? You know better than to even ask. That doesn’t mean this tour won’t be worth catching, though. Check out the full and updated list of tour dates over at Tool’s recently updated and no longer anachronistic website.

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