Topaz Jones Drops The Soulful, Chilled-Out Single ‘D.I.A.L.’

New Jersey’s own Topaz Jones has a new album and accompanying short film on the way, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma, although prior to today, he hadn’t unveiled a release date for the projects. Now, though, he has revealed that they are set for April 23. Also today, he shared a new song from the project, “D.I.A.L.,” which stands for “dying is a lifestyle.” The track is full of soul and relaxed vibes, with Jones’ lyrical contributions both perfectly existing within the track and standing out on their own.

Jones previously said of the relationship between the album and the short film, “The film is all the things I couldn’t say in musical notes. The music is everything I couldn’t write in words, even though there’s lyrics that speak to it as well, but emotionally, it’s everything I couldn’t necessarily write down and the film is everything that I couldn’t put in song. It is single-handedly the most gratifying, fulfilling experience I’ve had as an artist.”

The film, by the one, isn’t one to be missed: It recently took home the Short Film Jury Award: Nonfiction honor at this year’s Sundance Festival.

Listen to “D.I.A.L” above.

Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma is out 4/23 via New Funk Academy/Black Canopy.

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