Tove Lo Is Out To Prove She’s A ‘Cool Girl’ In Her New Video

In an era where “no strings attached” relationships are pretty commonplace, Swedish singer Tove Lo provides a pop-infused but somewhat dark track as she explores the dueling concepts of independence and attachment in “Cool Girl.” She admitted previously to Rolling Stone that the track was inspired by the iconic monologue in the movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl, during which lead character Amy Dunne revealed that being a specific type of “cool girl” is more of a male-conceived concept than a reality.

Accompanying the single, which was released a few weeks ago, is Tove Lo’s new music video excerpted from a larger cinematic project: a short film called “Fairy Dust Chapter 1,” which will premiere alongside her forthcoming sophomore album Lady Wood, due out October 28.

Like the fictional character who inspired the track, the “Habits” singer is on a reckless journey to reclaim her independence, seeking solace in places that are clearly far from home. The video weaves together scenes of her in the desert, crooning lines such as ‘”I want to be free like you / I’m a cool girl…/ Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy.” She also writhes, seemingly possessed, on top of a glass coffin, shaves her head, dances on a car in a motel parking lot, instigates a dance party, and lights a motel room on fire. Pretty busy day for anyone, but it’s light work for Tove Lo.

(h/t/ Idolator)

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