The Tragically Hip’s Potential ‘Final’ Concert Is Being Streamed Live Tonight

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08.20.16 4 Comments

In Canada, the veteran rock outfit The Tragically Hip are hailed as gods. Well, if gods were much more popular and some entity you’d like to have a beer with.

This summer, the band embarked on their possible “final” tour. Poet/frontman Gord Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, but he elected to go out and be MAXIMUM Gord Downie along with his shipmates from The Hip on a Canadian tour. Tonight marks the final stop of the Man Machine Poem tour ending in the group’s hometown in Kingston and it’s become a national event north of the border. Perpetually shirtless Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in attendance and hundreds (possibly thousands) of viewing parties are planned/expected at assorted venues across the country for tonight’s CBC broadcast.

That brings us to that conspicuous rectangle located at the top of the post. The Tragically Hip’s big concert in Kingston, Ontario is getting the streaming treatment too. Now you won’t have to hassle a cousin from Buffalo for an off-brand hook-up. The show starts tonight at 8:30pm sharp (Eastern), so don’t dawdle. If you’re a die-hard without access to the broadcast, this CBC stream is nothing short of a godsend. If not, you might want to pop in anyway. This will be a very special evening.

(Via AV Club)

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