Travis Scott Is Selling A Golden Mask Modeled After The Iconic ‘Astroworld’ Album Cover

Epic Records

Without a question, Travis Scott’s Astroworld is one of the most esteemed albums of the year. It’s musically adventurous, it has a ton of high-profile guests, and Scott himself is in top form. The sales have reflected this: The record debut at No. 1, and last month, it achieved Platinum status, just about a month and a half after its release. All of the album’s superlative qualities have led to the album art being perhaps a bit under-discussed, though. It’s a bold and instantly recognizable image, and now Scott is deciding to capitalize on it as Halloween comes around by releasing a mask based on the Astroworld cover.

Travis Scott

The golden silicon mask sells for $50, and is secured to the wearer’s head with an elastic band around the back. If you were hoping to dominate your Halloween party by dressing up as one of the year’s best albums, this is probably your best bet. If you want some tangible merch that you don’t have to wear, though, Scott is also selling a deluxe edition of Astroworld, which features a CD (as well as a digital download) encased in an 8-inch tall molded plastic replica of the golden head.

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