At Least New Orleans Pelicans Fans Were Treated To A Stellar Trombone Shorty Halftime Show Last Night

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There was apparently some sort of basketball game played in New Orleans, the city in which I live, last night, but I don’t have any recollection of it. My mind is completely blank on everything that happened starting at around 8:30 local time til about 11:30 local time, for some reason. I guess I’m getting old. I suppose I was probably dancing the night away at a “gumbo party” or eating beignets or something because that’s what people in New Orleans do. No idea where I was. Nope. Something something Pelicans. Something something Warriors. Something something Steph Curry is a ridiculous basketball freak.  LA-LA-LA-LA-LA.

ANYWAY, Trombone Shorty performed at halftime of the basketball game that was allegedly played in New Orleans last night, and, as usual, he brought the funk. Outside of the Super Bowl, halftime entertainment is usually either terrible or a full-on freakshow. This was neither of those things, to say the least.

In the event that you’re hungry for more Shorty to help get you through this Friday, here’s a full two-hour show the fine folks at Liveset recorded in New Orleans a couple of years ago. Enjoy…

(Via Deadspin)