Trouble Explains Why He Said He’d Let Drake Sleep With His Wife

After his response to a crude internet poll led to a flurry of headlines yesterday, Atlanta rapper Trouble posted a video explanation of his comments to Instagram. Clarifying that he doesn’t even have a wife, Trouble insisted that the hypothetical answer he gave referred less to a life partner and more to a companion. He said that the trade would be well worth the monetary value a song with Drake would bring in, and says that if his relationship were more serious, he’d have a different response in real life.

“Y’all honestly got it f*cked up,” he argued. “Y’all been living through social media, living through these social sites. Y’all ain’t in the real world ’cause if you was in the real world, any snack, any female, lady — whatever you wanna call it — I ain’t never dealt with that. Any n**** in the street will tell you you can’t even look at my female brazy. You know you gone get f*cked up. I ain’t Superman or none of that sh*t but you gotta have nuts to still keep honking or looking at my snack without it being a problem.”

After clearing up his relationship status, he continued, “I’m talking about a little snack you just be f*cking around on or something. You don’t think I’m finna let her bust down on Drizzy for a verse? When I’m a make millions off that verse? And if he slide in her DMs anyways, she gon’ go? Hell yeah, we finna get them M&Ms.”

So, basically, he doubled down on what he already said, while clarifying the point that if he wasn’t serious about the woman he was seeing, he’d trade her away because he doesn’t trust women anyway. Also, he believes that the Drake Stimulus is more powerful than it actually is. There are a lot of things wrong with his line of thinking but hey, everybody’s got a different experience. While this level of objectification of women is really, really gross (like, he literally just thinks of women as a commodity for trade. That’s… horrifying), the real culprit who has to be stopped is Lil Duval, whose inane Twitter poll started this whole thing.

Watch Trouble’s explanatory video above.