Questlove And More Musicians Eulogized Twitter With Final Tweets And Other Thoughts As #RIPTwitter Trends

Things are not looking good for Twitter right now. Elon Musk recently told employees via email to commit to a “hardcore” new work culture that demands “long hours at high intensity,” or leave. It appears many opted to leave. Fortune tech reporter Kylie Robison tweeted last night that according to Twitter employees, “roughly 75 percent of the remaining 3,700ish Twitter employees have not opted to stay after the ‘hardcore’ email,” adding, “As we’re all very aware, folks on visas are stuck, so thats who makes up most of the roughly 25 percent (or less than 1,000….) expected to stay.”

Subsequently, last night (November 17), Twitter’s offices were temporarily closed as Musk is reportedly concerned about internal sabotage. In light of this, #RIPTwitter started trending on the platform as some eulogized the site and sent their “final tweets.” Since Twitter has been a significant platform for artists to promote music and build their fan bases, some folks in the music world took part in the festivities.

Questlove of The Roots came through with MySpace founder Tom Anderson’s classic profile picture and wrote, “Tom’s Revenge #RIPTwitter.” From the Tegan And Sara account, Tegan Quin wrote, “I asked Sara if she had a last Tweet if it does indeed go under. She text back ‘I hated you for a long time bye.'” Jenny Lewis also tweeted, “if twitter is dying, what is your last tweet? i’ll go first. to all my x’s: f*ck you.”

As of this post, Twitter remains online. As it continues to burn, check out some other tweets from the music community below.

Some artists covered here are Warner Music artists. .