Tyler The Creator Has One Frustrating Train Ride In His Hilarious ‘Brown Sugar Salmon’ Sketch

Unlike the last pair of videos promoting his new album, “Wusyaname” and “Lumberjack,” Tyler The Creator’s “Brown Sugar Salmon” is less of a music video and more a comedic sketch. In it, Tyler’s famished alter ego Tyler Baudelaire takes a train ride and goes through a frustrating experience as he tries to order dinner, only to discover that the service on this particular trip leaves a lot to be desired.

After ordering the titular dish, Tyler is told that the kitchen is all out and offered the “braised Bohemian beef,” which is also out of stock. A manager isn’t any help either, merely providing the same two choices — both of which are, as previously noted, unavailable. Poor Tyler.

The sketch is just the latest of Tyler’s unusual efforts to promote his next album, Call Me If You Get Lost, which drops this Friday, June 25. While videos like “Brown Sugar Salmon” and “Side Street” build out the world and narrative of Tyler Baudelaire and his adventures in love and travel, in the real world, Tyler has been using a mysterious phone number advertised by massive billboards to share cryptic snippets of the album’s new music, which he’s periodically updated over the past two weeks.

Watch Tyler The Creator’s “Brown Sugar Salmon” sketch above.

Call Me If You Get Lost is due 6/25 on Columbia Records. Pre-order it here.