Watch The ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ Karaoke Uber Ride From Hell

Do you know that feeling when you’re too tired or too drunk, or you just want to be in your own bed, or at whatever destination you’re headed to? Most of the time, you would hail a cab or pull up an app like Uber to get peace of mind and go home. Now, I want you to picture that scenario, and then imagine someone pulling up in a black car only to reveal that it’s his own private karaoke machine, and you have to join in or “oh, you’re no fun!”

And, look, I know it may seem curmudgeonly to not want to sing along to The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” It’s a great song that is, in fact, very singalong-able! But, if you’ve ever taken a cab, the last thing you want to do is sing along with your cabbie, who probably silently resents you as he talks on his phone to God knows who. (WHO ARE THEY ALWAYS TALKING TO?)

Also, I’d just like to add that something smells fishy about this clip. First off, who rides in the front of a cab without anyone in the back? Also, why is there a shirtless man in a cab? I’ve been refused a cab dressed like a million bucks, but Matthew McConaughey-lite can get into an Uber with his nips free? This must be in L.A.

Anyway, the moral here is this is exactly what NOT to do if you’re a cab driver. The only cab that I would take that’s festive and fun is the Cash Cab, may it R.I.P. I’d definitely sing for a couple hundred bucks.

(via YouTube)