Premiere: Unlike Pluto’s ‘Everything Black’ Finds Freedom In The Darkness

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Armond Arabashi is a Los Angeles-based producer who has already begun to make his mark on the electronic music world. Arabashi creates music under the moniker Unlike Pluto, and his work has already garnered cosigns like being chosen as one of Billboard‘s 2016 Dance Artists to Watch.

Like plenty of musicians before him, Arabashi was pursuing something totally different before he got into music. As an Atlanta native, he left behind a pre-dental track after finishing a degree at Emory University to move to LA and pursue his dreams. Luckily, those dreams are getting closer and closer to reality after his remix of Diplo’s “Revolution” racked up over 25 million plays. Of course, that happened after he had a series of odd jobs and crashed on his sister’s couch for six months — so never forget that success takes time.

Still, it’s not like Arabashi picked up music when he moved out west, he’s been creating music since the tender age of eleven. Today we’re premiering his latest track, “Everything Black,” which is out via Monstercat and kicks off a tour of the same name. Arabashi is a producer primarily, and the jazzy, dark track features Mike Taylor on vocals. Despite the title, it’s not a doomsday song, but one that finds freedom in the blackout; when the beat drops into a slinky, almost joyful groove, you’ll find you feel the same. Stream it below.

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