Usher Puts His All Into Rehearsing For The Super Bowl Halftime Show In A New Short Film Directed By Jay-Z

Just nearly a week after Usher killed it at the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show, fans are getting another glimpse into how exactly he pulled off all the surprises.

In a new short film that dropped via the music platform, it provides a look at Usher’s rehearsals and the changes that were made to the setlist and production. Oh, and it was directed by Jay-Z and Hamish Hamilton, as they shot the footage entirely on an iPhone.

“As I put together the songs, like a puzzle piece to represent this type of soulful music, R&B and mixture of this pop that is my own, I think God really blessed me with the right people to help build the artist that I am,” Usher shared in the ten-minute film. “I’m happy that I’m able to share this moment with them.”

“If you put in the work, people will respect what you do,” he added.

Throughout the video, he runs through the routine repeatedly with his backup dancers. Usher also takes some time to do vocal warmups, as he rehearses to pronounce the consonants a little stronger. It is also split with high-quality footage taken up close during the actual show.

Check out Usher’s behind-the-scenes film of his Super Bowl Halftime Show above.