Vince Staples Slams Critics Who Want Him Rapping About Violence

If you have an issue with Vince Staples stepping away from street-oriented lyrics on Big Fish Theory, he has a couple words for you: “shut your b*tch ass up.” Vince bemoaned his violence-crazed critics this morning on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, wondering why they were so devoted to hearing him spit about stuff that ultimately “doesn’t mean nothin’.”

“I be getting the most random messages from the most weird n*ggas, like ‘ay bro you need to get on that gangster sh*t,’” he recalled before incredulously asking “what do you mean?” Staples said that he’s over today’s “trash” gangsta rap because it’s “draining” to hear about what he deemed “Black trauma.” He also implied that the lack of authenticity of most street rappers annoys him, decrying that “nobody’s about that life for the most part.”

Those are the reasons that he primarily listens to early ’80s acts like Egyptian Lover and MC Frosty, which he credits as major influences of his Big Fish Theory album. “I was trying to make something new and branch off what I know about,” he said after noting he was pushed toward the sound because his mother didn’t let him listen to much ’90s and ’00s gangsta rap, but was a fan of the aforementioned purveyors of LA’s gangsta rap scene. I’m sure fans of Staples’ eclecticism appreciate her decision. Watch the entire interview above.