Fish Twitter Went All The Way In On Vince Staples Regarding His Claims About Betas

Album listening parties are pretty fun events. Usually there’s food and drinks. The artist behind the record swings by to throw out a shoutout, maybe take some questions, and usually you leave with a little take home a gift of some kind. As he revealed to Trevor Noah on the Daily Show last night, Vince Staples decided to stay on theme and gave the attendees something a little more interesting at the listening party for his upcoming album Big Fish Theory.

“Beta fish last for two weeks. You don’t really have to feed them much,” Vince explained. Asked to elaborate by the host, he said, “Beta fish is for the children. You know, it can live in a flower pot. There can be a little dirt in there. Little bit of water, little bit of oxygen.” Then Noah interjected, “And then it dies after two weeks?” “Allegedly,” Vince replied.

Of course, fish Twitter caught wind of Vince’s lifespan claims and went in on the rapper.

Vince eventually jumped in to defend himself.

Then threw some shoutouts to a few departed Betas while plugging his new record.

Then he put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Check out his conversation with Trevor Noah above.