Wait, Zayn Malik Released A Cover Of Rae Sremmurd’s ‘No Type’?

In his post-One Direction existence, Zayn Malik has kept a low profile. Well, except for when his former bandmates took a swipe at him on social media. Now the world is getting a glance at what he may want to do after leaving his boy band past in the dust, and apparently he wants to cover Rae Sremmurd.

This cover of “No Type” leaked onto the Internet today, and it features Zayn Malik singing the chorus and an English rapper named Mic Righteous doing new verses. The verses are more or less forgettable, and Directioners have already created a Zayn-only edit on SoundCloud (which was subsequently removed).

Billboard confirmed that it is Zayn on the track, so maybe post-1D, he wants to go in an R&B/hip hop space just like fellow former boy-bander Justin Timberlake. Now, we aren’t saying he’s going to be on that level of success (for what it’s worth, Justin collaborated with the far superior Clipse on his first solo track), but it’s a proven path. And to be fair, his cover is much better than Pat Sajak’s.

(via Billboard)