Was Kendrick Lamar Supposed To Be On Drake And J. Cole’s ‘First Person Shooter?’

The people have been waiting. A couple weeks ago, Drake decided to diss Kendrick Lamar with “First Person Shooter,” and onlookers have been anticipating how Lamar would fire back. Finally, Lamar did today (April 30) with “Euphoria,” in which he goes all out on Drake for six minutes.

There’s so much about this song to dissect, but there’s one lyric fans have been looking at that prompts the following question:

Was Kendrick Lamar Supposed To Be On Drake And J. Cole’s “First Person Shooter?”

“Euphoria” certainly has some believing that’s the case. On the track, Lamar raps:

“I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk
I hate the way that you dress
Surprised you wanted that feature request
You know that we got some sh*t to address.”

This comes after earlier this month, Joe Budden indicated that he heard Lamar was originally supposed to be on the song.

Meanwhile, the song is full of other barbs, including, “You not a rap artist, you a scam artist with the hopes of bеing accepted / Tommy Hilfiger stood out, but FUBU nеver had been your collection,” and, “My first one like my last one: it’s a classic, you don’t have one / Let your core audience stomach that; didn’t tell ’em where you get your abs from.” Uproxx’s Aaron Williams breaks down some of the best ones here.