Watch A Drummer With No Forearms And One Leg Get His Dave Grohl On While Playing ‘Everlong’

If Cornel Hrisca-Munn’s life isn’t turned into a movie, what is Hollywood doing?

Cornel Hrisca-Munn was born a tiny scrap of a thing in December 1991 with no forearms and a severely deformed right leg. His mother screamed in horror when she saw him. A doctor gave him days to live, so no birth certificate was ever issued. Instead, even before his first feed, he was taken 35 miles away to an institution in the Romanian countryside. There he was dumped in a battered metal cot in a bare room crammed full of other unwanted or disabled babies, given a little milk and left to die.

But Cornel had other ideas, wriggling restlessly around on his filthy mattress as best he could and somehow taking in enough calories each day to gain weight. When he was seven months old, a visiting doctor noticed the bright-eyed, feisty infant in need of medical treatment. He appealed to a British woman who, by chance, was there as part of an aid project, for help. Within months, Cornel’s grim future had been transformed into one of hope. Today he is midway through his first term at Keble College, Oxford, studying philosophy and theology, and can still barely contain his excitement at his presence there.

He’s also a pretty sick drummer, so much so that on the video below, in which Cornel tears through “Everlong,” the top comment is from the Foo Fighters, who write, “Cornel, you KICK ASS.” Indeed.