Watch Justin Bieber Rub A Fans’ Phone All Over His Probably-Hairless Junk

You guys, look, I know it’s not really news when Justin Bieber acts like a petulant little twat at this point. After all, he is the world’s most massive bag of douche — it’s to be expected. But I really think he’s stepped it up to a new level of late, and that’s worth noting.

You see, in the past few months we’ve seen the Biebs unleash his wrath on lots of people and things: photographers, mop buckets, Bill Clinton, his neighbors, etc. But what’s interesting now is that he seems to be turning on his own fans. First there was the incident the other day where he hocked loogies on a bunch of them, and then last night during a show he started admonishing them for tossing stuff on stage. He got so frustrated that he even rubbed some little girl’s iPhone all over his surely hairless junk and then tossed the soiled phone to another fan, who probably then took her own virginity with it. And, of course, thousands of cultish little girls screamed in approval after he did it.

Justin Bieber is a goddamn monster.

(Via Gawker)