Watch The ‘Dueling Banjos’ To End All Banjo Duels: Kermit The Frog Vs. Steve Martin

In this corner, we have the fearsome frog, the amphibious astonisher, the talking and walking green Muppet who’ll have you feeling blue, for losing…KERMIT THE FROG. And in the other, it’s the Dirty, Rotten Jerk himself, with fingers so quick he’ll make you go wild and crazy, it’s gonna be his Lucky Day…STEVE MARTIN.

Two dueling banjo players enter the Funny or Die swamp, only one will survive. WHO YOU GOT.

IT’S A TIE. They’re both gonna make Miss Piggy squeal like a…well, y’know.

For more from the clip’s director, Matt Hoyle, check out Comic Genius.)