Watch A Rare Video Of Prince Debuting A Longer Version Of ‘Purple Rain’ In 1983

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The version of “Purple Rain” that ended up on Prince’s album of the same name is largely the one he debuted during a First Avenue benefit concert in 1983. But there are a few significant differences between the album version and the song that was played that night.

Now, a recording of “Purple Rain” as it originally appeared has made its way onto the internet. Fans of the Purple One will notice that the original version is significantly longer and contains a third verse about money that was cut. The original is missing the strings that Prince later added, and the solo is a bit different.

Watch it now up top. Knowing Prince, it’s highly likely that the video will be black-bagged and carted off the internet before the end of the day.

Even though the differences between the two versions are obvious, it’s pretty amazing just how much of this first performance (also guitarist Wendy Melvoin’s first performance ever with the band) made the cut to become one of Prince’s most enduring tracks and, arguably, the greatest track of the 1980s.

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(via Boing Boing)