Takeoff Takes Us On A Trip To The Moon In 2092 In His ‘Casper’ Video

The Last Rocket Takeoff is back with his second video from his well-regarded debut solo album. He dropped a visual for the 808 Mafia-produced “Casper” today, following up his previous music video for “Last Memory.” The Migos’ not-so-secret weapon is reflecting on more memories on “Casper,” using the doleful synth and key melodies to turn inward and not just drop rhymes about a “small waist, pretty face,” but to get reflective.

The song’s chorus is about him deciding to cruise around in his Wraith. As Cardi B’s gift to Offset showcased, Migos love the Rolls-Royce status symbol like many rappers. But Takeoff used the car reference as an, ahem, vehicle to rhyme about what’s on his mind, giving us a glimpse of what it’s like for him to cruise the Atlanta streets as a superstar experiencing the highs and lows of fame.

“My grandmama gone but can’t be replaced / Jenna, she paved the way,” he rhymes amid a lunar backdrop. The Video God-directed video takes us to the moon in 2092 on “the quest for Selene.” The video may be Takeoff’s ideation of the future, where weak gravity is no longer a factor on the moon, but some things remain the same. “They mad ’cause I copped the Wraith / Police they look at my license plate,” he raps about a situation all-too-common to Black people — including his cousin Offset. The ambitious visual is a welcome offering that fits the theme of his album — and Migos’ place as out-of-this-world trap stars.

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