Watch This Irish Pub Turn Up To The Killers’ ‘Mr. Brightside’ For Their Late Friend

03.29.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

The Killers’ “Mr Brightside” is an incredible song, perhaps one of the best tracks of the ’00s. The track’s power has endured for more than a decade and by this point, it’s essentially a universal anthem. If you disagree, well, hopefully this video will change your mind.

In a heartbreaking send-off for their dearly departed friend, a group of locals decided to get together at an Irish pub to celebrate their friend’s funeral the only way they knew how: turning up to “Mr. Brightside.”

“I can’t hear you,” screams Brian O’Sullivan, the guy who’s standing on top of the bar throughout most of the video. At one point, O’Sullivan even takes off his shirt and begins swinging it around wildly and also crowd surfs briefly before jumping around with the rest of the group.

But the best part of it all? The video made its way to The Killers and they sent out a tweet to O’Sullivan saying that he could easily replace frontman Brandon Flowers.

May we all aspire to have a BFF like O’Sullivan to honor our memories with such vigor.

(Via Noisey)

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