Watch This Screaming Mom Prove To Be The Best By Providing Vocals To Her Son’s Grindcore Band

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The Grindcore band Corrupt Leaders decided to change up their latest recording a bit, bringing in a new vocalist for the track. No, they didn’t go and sh*t can their lead singer or anything, they just brought in his mom for the quick job.

Corrupt Leaders frontman got his 66-year-old mother to stand in to add her voice to a few tracks and the video above is the result. If you couldn’t tell, this is from Canada. If it were somewhere below the northern border, you’d probably see a different situation unfold.

I don’t think I could get my folks to scream like this unless I managed to blow up the car or something, so kudos. You have a very cool mother.

(Via Moshpit Tragedy / Daily Dot)

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