Watch This Thunder Fan Sink A Half Court Shot For $20K And Get Love From Jay Z

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Last night, as the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the L.A. Clippers 105-91, one lucky Thunder fan became the second in a week to hit a promotional half court shot for a $20,000 prize. By itself, that’s a pretty amazing night for that fan, but after he was done jumping around and celebrating his achievement by completely ignoring his girlfriend, he received another awesome surprise with a congratulations from Jay Z, who was sitting in Kevin Durant’s courtside seats with his wife Beyonce.

I can’t help but think that this must have been very amusing to someone like Jay Z, who probably earned twice as much money while just watching this fan take his big shot. Like, maybe on the way out to his chauffeured Bentley that was built just for him he chuckled to himself as he pulled $20,000 from his pocket, spotted a trash can and took a shot. Maybe he missed just left, smiled again as he thought about how happy that fan was, and then lit the stack of cash on fire to light his cigar.

Regardless, if you’re going to hit a half court shot at any team’s game, it should probably be a Thunder game. They seem to be the most rewarding.

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