Hear Waxahatchee’s Towering, Anthemic Pop-Punk Song ‘No Curse’

Contributing Writer

The video for Waxahatchee’s latest single can be a bit of a head trip. The shots of the project’s mastermind Katie Crutchfield singing into a microphone in a tight close-up is the sort of thing you’d expect from a tender, smoky ballad. And “No Curse” heads in that direction, for all of about three seconds. The clean guitar picking that starts the song is quickly overwhelmed by drums and rhythm guitar that crash into the track in tandem. By the time that Crutchfield lets out a long, sun-baked shout of “I tell you I’m satisfied,” any hopes for a more mellow moment are completely dashed. Not that you miss it, with a song as anthemic and overpowering as “No Curse.”

The single was released as part of Weathervane’s Shaking Through project, a series that looks to give fans access to the recording process and even shares the raw audio files from their sessions with its members. As such, all of the stems and audio files from the recording of “No Curse” are available at Weathervane’s site to their members. The group also shared a short making-of documentary that shares more details than the BTS-style music video. Check that out below:

Waxahatchee’s new album Out In The Storm is due out on July 14 via Merge.

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