We Hope That Robyn Never Stops Dancing

You know how every now and then you find your new favorite thing and you’re like, “Oh hell yeah — this is my new favorite thing.” Well, I think my new favorite thing is watching Robyn dance in music videos. She’s like a human gif — a gif that keeps on giving.

With that said, she and Rye Rye team up in the new video for “Never Will Be Mine,” and it features Robyn just shamelessly doing her thing. Not to the extremes that she did in the “Call Your Girlfriend” video, but her performance in this one had me sort of mesmerized and LOLing the entire time I watched it. Sorry Rye Rye, but you’ve been upstaged hard. (Also, who the hell is Rye Rye?!) That’s what happens when you put The Human Gif in a video it seems. She just can’t help herself.


(HT: The Hairpin)