Weezer’s First Six Albums Will Be Reissued On Vinyl This Fall

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It’s almost October and you know what that means — the holidays are just around the corner. Thankfully, you now have the perfect gift for that Weezer-loving fanatic on your list. The band’s first six albums are being reissued on vinyl on October 28, meaning that you could even give copies out to trick-or-treaters if you felt so inclined.

The reissue includes the iconic debut The Blue Album, as well as Pinkerton, which recently went platinum twenty years after its release. Also included are two of the band’s self-titled, course-correction albums (2001’s The Green Album, 2008’s The Red Album) as well as 2002’s Maladroit and 2005’s Make Believe. Sadly Ratitude and Hurley didn’t make the cut. The White Album, the band’s fourth self-titled album, was released on vinyl when the album came out earlier this year and is still available if you haven’t scooped that up already.

Something else to consider is the uncertain future of Weezer, who have entered that tricky phase a rock band enters after 20 years when they are forced to start questioning their current relevance. But alas, the future of Weezer is best left for the pundits to hash out. The past is best left for the fans.

You can scope out the reissues here. I’d be cool with a copy of The Blue Album if anyone asks.