What Does Young Thug, Gunna, And Future’s ‘Pushin’ P’ Mean?

Young Thug’s RICO trial is underway. Hearings for Thug and the YSL crew began earlier this week, and since then, some quotes and quips have gotten much attention online. During the second day of the trial, many have begun debating the meaning of a collaboration between Thug, Gunna, and Future, which was released shortly prior to their arrests in 2022.

What does Young Thug, Gunna, and Future’s “Pushin’ P” mean?

Thug, Gunna, and Future’s “Pushin’ P” appeared on Gunna’s DS4Ever album, and proved to be one of the album’s buzziest tracks. Upon its release, the “P” in “Pushin’ P” was the subject of confusion. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Gunna said “P” is short for “playa,” however, “P” can be used flexibly, as long as it reflects something positive.

“F*cking your partner’s main b*tch ain’t P,” said Gunna. “If you hold the door for a lady, that’s P. Arguing with your partner about money ain’t P. We ain’t doing that. We’re pushing P.”

Yesterday (November 28) in court, a mirror selfie was shown of Thug, which (per Complex) allegedly saw him holding up a Bloods sign. Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, claimed this wasn’t a Bloods sign, but rather a P sign. He also shared the supposed meaning of “Pushin’ P.”

“There’s nothing wrong with holding up a Bloods sign, but that’s not a Bloods sign. […] That is a P,” Steel said. “Jeffery’s fingers are down. And what you’ll learn is that Jeffery just released with Sergio Kitchens, a performer known as Gunna, a song that is wildly popular around the globe. It’s called ‘Pushin P’ and it’s positivity. It means any circumstance you’re in, if you think positively about something, you can make it through. You’re pushing positivity.”

You can see a clip from the hearing above.

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