Listen To This Previously Unreleased White Stripes Song “City Lights”

Third Man Records is releasing an acoustic collection of demos, alternate versions and remixes of songs by Jack White to highlight his capacity as a songwriter. Jack White Acoustic Recordings: 1998-2016 will feature unreleased material from White’s time as a solo artist, with The Raconteurs and, of course, The White Stripes. To celebrate the announcement of the new album, Third Man shared the never-before-released White Stripes track “City Lights.”

If you’re expecting a stadium-sized asskicker that will oust “Seven Nation Army” on unoriginal stadium playlists throughout the country, maybe tone it down a bit before you press play. “City Lights” is much more in the vein of “We Are Gonna Be Friends,” even before you consider the fact that it’s an acoustic track. The bassline toddling back and forth along with White’s cracking vocal give the whole thing a very childish, Autumn vibe.

Third Man says the track was originally written for Get Behind Me Satan, but was scrapped and forgotten until last year’s 10-year reissue. The label points out that it’s the first new White Stripes track to see release since 2008.

In addition to “Lights,” TMR also dropped a preview video of the entire 26-track album. Check that out below.

Jack White Acoustic Recordings: 1998-2016 is out September 9 on CD and vinyl (of course). Pre-orders are available now.