Who Is On PartyNextDoor’s ‘PartyNextDoor 4’ Album Cover?

Yesterday (April 1), PartyNextDoor made waves by sharing the album cover for his upcoming album, PartyNextDoor 4. Album art has been known to get risqué, but PND took it to a different level this time around: The image is a photo of a naked woman photographed from behind. The woman strikes a suggestive pose on a bed, on all fours with her backside in the air. The framing of the photo crops out some, but certainly not all, of her butt. The implication here is that this photo was taking during a sexual act. The woman’s lower back also features a tattoo with the number 4.

The photo, which is too NSFW to be embedded in this post, can be seen on PartyNextDoor’s Instagram.

As the picture made the rounds, some started wondering about who the woman featured in the art is.

Who Is On PartyNextDoor’s PartyNextDoor 4 Album Cover?

As Complex reports, the model is an Instagram user who goes by @maaminextdoor. In an Instagram Story post, @maaminextdoor thanked @beetchabraids for doing her hair for the photo.

PartyNextDoor 4 is out 4/26 via OVO Sound/Warner Records. Find more information here.

PartyNextDoor is a Warner Music artist. .