Will Smith Has New Music, But Probably Won’t Have A New Album

12.04.15 3 years ago

Will Smith remains one of the biggest movie stars today, and that continues with his new film, Concussion, coming out this Christmas. However, his return to music got people excited about him in a way many haven’t felt in years. Will appeared on the track “Fiesta” by Bomba Estereo, and performed with them at the Latin Grammys. There’s also talk about there being 30 unreleased tracks from Smith in existence, and also talk of the once and future Fresh Prince touring with DJ Jazzy Jeff once more. If you’re getting your hopes up for a new Smith album, though, you may be disappointed.

Speaking to Billboard, Smith said, “I have a bunch of songs. I don’t know if I’ll do an album. I‘m looking for a really clever and creative way to release the music.” Smith elaborated on his point, discussing how the young people out there and their wacky way of listening to music is helping color his decision-making process: “I’ve been watching my kids, and they don’t do albums any more. Just the way that people consume music is really different than [to] go out and buy 12 songs, 14 songs, and listen all the way through in one sitting. It’s much more ADHD – unless you’re Adele.”

There’s some sense in what Smith is saying. If he were to, say, release a few singles here and there, it would keep him from having to handle the pressure and workload of a full album, and he would still get people super excited about new music. It’s not an unheard of idea, either. “Weird Al” Yankovic has also said that his last album, Mandatory Fun, will likely be his last full album, and he’ll just release music in dribs and drabs as he sees fit from now on. It’s just another way in which Will Smith and “Weird Al” Yankovic are basically the same person.

(Via NME)

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