Hear The First New Will Smith Song In A Decade

It’s been 10 years since Will Smith, the freshest of all princes, released a new album. That would be Lost and Found, which reached the Billboard Hot 200, but failed to make the same impact as mega-smash Big Willie Style or even Willennium, arguably the greatest pun album title of all-time. He’s been busy starring in hit movies and raising his wiener kids and possibly rebooting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but last night, the world’s jiggy-level rose tenfold, because the first new Will Smith song in a decade was released.

He teamed up with Colombian group Bomba Estéreo for a Spanish-and-English language remix of their track, “Fiesta.” The group’s founder, Simon Mejia, said in a statement, “When I was told that Will Smith wanted to collaborate on a remix with Bomba, I couldn’t believe it. This opportunity to work with Will was beyond anything we have dreamed of… It’s just magic.”

It’s not magic; it’s Will 2K.

(Though the line, “Hola mamacita, go get me a beer-a?” THAT’S magic.)