Will There Be ‘The Vince Staples Show’ Season 2 On Netflix?

The press tour for The Vince Staples Show has been an absolute treasure trove of hilarious quotes and sharp insights from the show’s creator and star, Vince Staples. For instance, he’s revealed why the show only has five episodes (one was cut due to rain on the scheduled filming day), the fact that he failed a ton of auditions and even took acting classes to hone his comedic timing (watch the interview above), and why there weren’t any actual “jokes” in the show, despite it being uproariously funny.

However, one thing he didn’t share was whether the show would get a second season.

There’s a good reason for that, of course: Vince doesn’t know. As with most Netflix shows, its renewal is dependent on a complex set of criteria held by the streamer, which could include anything from the number of viewers or hours watched to “vibes” (when in doubt, assume the latter. CEOs don’t be knowing what they doing, it’s just that nobody ever tells them “no”). Still, Vince knows the show has a better chance if it does well early, prompting fans on Twitter to “hit that double thumbs” because “peer pressure works.”


You can stream The Vince Staples Show in full on Netflix now and read Uproxx’s interview with Staples about it here.