Are You Ready For Winter Storm Jonas? Joe Jonas And Weezer Are

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If you live in the vicinity of the American Midwest or Northeast, then you’re probably familiar with the Weather Channel’s still-recent naming conventions for winter storms. That’s because the private meteorological enterprise started assigning names from Roman and Greek mythology to large, blizzard-producing storms much in the same manner that the National Weather Service has been naming hurricanes. Uproxx covered this phenomena in detail around this time last year, but with Winter Storm Jonas en route, a refresher is always nice — especially since a torrent of memes are making their way across the internet ahead of Jonas’ arrival.

According to The Weather Channel, the NWS has issued blizzard watches for Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Portions of Kentucky, West Virginia, and other states in Winter Storm Jonas’ path were issued official warnings early Wednesday. These warnings are in effect from Thursday to Sunday, but D.C. and Baltimore’s blizzard watch won’t begin until Friday. This early in the game, Jonas’ arrival is still too far off to predict exactly where its highest impacts will be felt (and how badly), but meteorologists are currently predicting several feet of snow to blanket some areas.

But none of that’s really important, is it? Sure, preparing for several days’ worth of snowfall and possible power outages is important, but when it comes to preparing for Jonas, you have to make a very important choice. Either you prefer Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers fame, or Weezer. Choose very, very carefully. After all, the internet is currently struggling to pick its preferred musical mascot for the first big winter storm of 2016.

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