Woman Bites Man’s Face Over Hilary Duff Argument

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Hilary Duff has put together a nice little career. Reruns of Lizzie McGuire hold up pretty well for a children’s show, and you’ve probably jammed to “So Yesterday” a few times in your day, even if you don’t want to admit it. That said, Hilary Duff is definitely not worth biting someone’s face over.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened in this strange, and rather sad story out of Kentucky. A couple named Brandi and Ethan Lester got into an argument over whether or not the actress they had seen in a commercial was Hilary Duff, and that led to the woman biting the man’s face. Just to be clear, we don’t even know if it was actually her, but the argument over whether it was evidently got super-intense:

Ethan said at the time that as the argument got heated, he leaned over to give his wife a kiss on her forehead — and she reacted by, well, biting him. “He had a bite mark on his chin,” Belcher confirms to Us. “He has a beard and he pulled the beard back and he had a bruise or a bite mark on his chin, a scratch on his face and some scratches on his neck. He told me that she had also thrown some stuff at him…. That stuff was broken all over the living room.”

Brandi was subsequently arrested on charges of domestic violence. “Basically, I advised him: I said, ‘Hey, if you don’t know where she’s at, if she comes back here, you know I’m going to have to arrest [her], right?'” Sergeant Belcher tells Us. She came back to the home and was promptly arrested.

The woman was arrested on charges of domestic violence, and the couple are not allowed to see each other until their March court date. Which is probably a good thing, because we wouldn’t want any Even Stevens-related violence to break out.

(Via Us Weekly)