A Man Had To Recreate ‘Wrecking Ball’ After A Last Place Fantasy Football Finish

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, at no point does the man in the above video ride a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus. You’d think that would be the only requirement for a shame-based re-creation of the video, but it’s not in there. I don’t want you to be as disappointed as I was. It’s probably a logistical and practical nightmare to get use of a real wrecking ball for this purpose.

You can’t even blame Dan Stewart, the star of this video, because he didn’t decide to do this on his own. His friends did this to him. Why? Because men are stupid. We are. This is what we do to our friends sometimes.

In Dan’s fantasy league, the owner with the last-place team has to be punished publicly. The league’s winner chooses a music video for the last-place owner to create, and the winner apparently chose “Wrecking Ball,” yet gave last place Dan (who gives it his all here) no means of riding a wrecking ball.

Also, this video comes about eight months after last season ended, so there was clearly plenty of time to secure a wrecking ball for Dan to ride. I’m very mad that Dan did not ride a wrecking ball in a video designed to mimic … hang on, sorry. I’m getting mad online again.

Anyway, there’s solid production value and quality acting. Dan commits to the bit, which is something he can put on his resume if and when he’s fired for this.

(YouTube h/t Mashable)