Wyclef Jean Accidentally Dropped Land Rover’s CEO From His Shoulders After Playing A Corporate Event

Wyclef Jean is good at many things. Through his solo music and work with the Fugees, he’s become one of hip-hop’s most respected figures. Also, he got pretty famously choked by Dylan (aka Dave Chappelle) that one time, so that’s another resume bullet point. If there’s one thing he’s not awesome at, though, it’s supporting CEOs while they sit on his shoulders.

That’s not just an odd and random thing to say, as TMZ has the story: The rapper was hired to perform at the the Range Rover Leadership Summit, which was attended by Jaguar Land Rover higher-ups, yesterday. After the event, there was an after party at the Edition Hotel in West Hollywood, where Jean was seen carrying Joe Eberhardt, President and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America, on his shoulders. In the video obtained by TMZ, Wyclef kind of just sways for a while as Eberhardt sits on him and supports himself by holding onto Jean’s hands. Then, there comes the point where Jean seemingly either attempts to let Eberhardt off his shoulders or just stumbles forward, which sent both Jean and Eberhardt hurtling to the ground.

TMZ notes that Eberhardt left the party early and was “slightly hurt” as Jean “looked embarrassed by the whole thing.”

Land Rover’s slogan is “above and beyond,” but it seems Eberhardt might be best served if he stayed below and close: below shoulder level and close to the ground.