X Ambassadors And Nat Geo Wild Celebrate Earth Day With A Soothing Special, ‘Symphony For Our World’

It’s always a great time to watch a nature documentary, but Earth Day is an especially appropriate occasion to take in stunning videos of penguins in the arctic, elephants in Africa, and majestic things of the like. Nat Geo Wild will of course be celebrating Earth Day on April 22, but they’ll go about it differently than most specials do: Their hourlong presentation, Symphony For Our World, is a purer nature experience, since it includes no narration.

The special, which will air commercial-free, includes more than just amazing nature footage that highlights the beauty of our world, since X Ambassadors were also brought in to collaborate with Hans Zimmer’s production music company Bleeding Fingers Music to create original music for the special. The band’s Sam Harris says in a behind-the-scenes video of working on the project:

“It’s really, really cool to work in a purely orchestral atmosphere. It’s something that we really don’t ever do. It’s a way to communicate non-verbally that speaks really to your heart.”

In the trailer, the band’s Casey Harris says that he hopes the event will be more than just a visual spectacle, saying, “I hope the audience takes away a greater appreciation of how incredible that this world we all live in is, and how important to our own survival it is.”

The commercial-free special premieres on April 22 (aka Earth Day) at 7 PM on Nat Geo Wild. In the meantime, check out the trailer above.