Yasiin Bey’s Ready To Release His New Album After Finally Regaining His Freedom

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Yasiin Bey, FKA Mos Def, is taking advantage of his newfound freedom by delivering a new album to fans. The project will be a self-titled release by Dec 99th, his collaborative project with producer Ferrari Shepard.

Set to release on December 9, of course, the album is composed of nine songs total with many of them crafted at 99 beats per minute. Bey and Sheppard have been releasing music together here and there over the past year and several of those songs — “N.A.W.,” “Seaside Panic Room” and “Local Time” – will be included on the LP, which will release as a Tidal exclusive.

Dec 99th was created in South Africa while Bey awaited word on whether he’d be allowed to leave the country. Back in January, the rapper was detained for using a false travel document, which resulted in a lengthy battle with government officials, who barred Bey’s exit from the country until the matter was resolved. Last week, the South African Home Affairs Department granted Bey permission to leave the country but not before banning him from ever returning. With news of his freedom came the announcement of several upcoming live performances in the U.S. that are being described as his final ones in his homeland. Although the last year has been extremely challenging to say the least, it’s good to see Bey able move forward with his music career.

Check out the album art and tracklist for Dec 99th below.

1. “N.A.W.
2. “Blade in the Pocket”
3. “SPESH”
4. “Local Time”
5. “Tall Sleeves”
6. “Seaside Panic Room
7. “Shadow in the Dark”
8. “It Goes”
9. “Special Dedication”