Years & Years’ ‘Sanctify’ Video Goes To A Sci-Fi Dystopia And Finds Humanity In Dancing

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Years & Years are back with a new album and a new song to go with it. While the specific details of the sophomore record from the British trio are still forthcoming, they did offer up a video for cut “Sanctify” today in the form of a dystopian sci-fi clip that looks like they spared no expense.

Speaking with Zane Lowe about the song, singer Olly Alexander had this to say about the song:

“I wanted to write a song that was kind of inspired from some experiences I’ve had with guys who identify straight but I’ve had something a bit more than just a friendship with them. And I was interested in like what’s happening in the interaction you know because it was just kind of them yeah it inspired the song that kind of also because it spoke a bit to my own coming out journey as a gay guy. So that inspired the song and then the music side of it was just you know I want to see something that felt like it could be like Britney era “Slave For You” meets like Timbaland or Neptunes just because that’s my favorite kind of stuff to listen to.”

While Olly shouts out Britney, the song sounds decidedly more Justin. But either way, the pop bona fides of the track can’t be denied, as well as the intriguing world of the video, which puts Olly as a rare human on a planet run by robots. In a press release, the group reveals that this isn’t even technically the first single from the new album, which means we could be in store for some even bigger pop heights from the three-piece.

Check out Years & Years’ “Sanctify” above.

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