YG Didn’t Let A Fan Get Away With Not Singing Along To ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ At A Recent Concert

Getty Image

Ever since YG released his protest song “FDT” (which is of course short for “F*ck Donald Trump”) back in March 2016, it has been a highlight of his live sets. The song was written and released before Trump won the 2016 election, but the track has stayed relevant as Trump has remained a controversial figure during his presidency. YG’s disdain towards the present still burns brightly: It’s apparently become a trend recently for YG to notice somebody in the crowd not singing along to the song and call them out for it, and now there’s video of that happening at a recent show.

YG asked the audience to turn their cameras towards the offending crowd member and gave the concertgoer a chance to redeem herself. He passed her the mic and instructed her to yell “f*ck Donald Trump,” which she did. It apparently wasn’t good enough for the rapper, though, so he let her try again. When she instead said, “I love you, YG,” that got a big round of boos from the audience. YG gave the fan one more chance, and sure enough, she delivered a heartier takedown of the president, which satisfied the rapper.

This is far from the first time YG got his audience in on his hate for Trump: In 2016, he invited fans on stage to destroy a Trump pinata.