You Can Finally Watch Every McDonald’s Rapping Commercial In One Place

Companies have made clumsy attempts to be “hip” by featuring rap in their commercials pretty much since the day hip hop became mainstream. Almost every time this happens, the results are laughably bad — and McDonald’s, they of the billions served, are one of the more egregious proprietors of awkward hip hop commercials. Now, one man, some may say hero, has compiled several of these ads into one website,

You may not be familiar with the .hiphop Top Level Domain, it’s not even at the level of a .biz, but there is perhaps no better use of it than this. Brian Abelson, who created the website, and who once created, has 14 McDonald’s ads featuring rap from around the world that autoplay one after another. Or, you can find the ads on a YouTube playlist if you don’t like the overall aesthetic of Abelson’s webpage.

If you have ever wanted to see Chicken McNuggets rap, or hear the song “Big Mac Attack,” or to see how they handled rapping about fast food in Britain, check this out while it lasts. McDonald’s weird, human Hamburglar isn’t the first misstep the company has made in their advertising, clearly.

(Via Mental Floss)