You Deserve This Glorious Muppets Cover Of Paul Simon’s ‘Kodachrome’

It’s time to bust out your best Kermit arm flail freakout. A Paul Simon classic has been given the Muppets treatment and it’s a redo so impossibly charming that you will immediately burst into a beam of pure delighted energy once its done.

(Legal Note: That last bit comes with a smidge of hyperbole. If you need to go shopping once the song’s done, you won’t have to debeam back into the human form to get that done. It’s just a very nice video.)

Apparently commissioned by Kermit, a new clip’s bubbled up featuring Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem taking the 1973 gem “Kodachrome” for a spin. It’s a bit surreal seeing Floyd Pepper sing “when I think back on all the crap I learned in high school” but that’s just the nature of the cover beast. It’s a sweet and bubbly take on the Simon song complete with cameos from your favourite Muppets as they pop up in picture form. Don’t tell Miss Piggy, but the Swedish Chef ranks as the most model-y photograph subject in the whole thing. So effortless and børky!

Speaking of The Muppets, their ABC series will have undergone some changes behind-the-scenes when it reemerges this spring. Co-creator/co-showrunner Bob Kushell is gone and a “creative overhaul” has gone into effect for the program’s final six episodes. Reviews for the show’s first 2015-16 incarnation were mixed with alright-enough ratings attached to The Muppets after its strong debut. Color us intrigued for what this latest Muppets small screen update has in store for the new year. Maybe they can give Prince a call.

(via Vulture)