Young Thug Makes His Presence Felt In The ‘Oh U Went’ Video With Drake Despite His Ongoing Incarceration

Early this month, Young Thug and Drake reunited — on digital wax if not in real life — on Thug’s new album, Business Is Business for a pair of tracks, “Parade On Cleveland” and “Oh You Went,” continuing their longstanding chemistry. Today, they shared the video for the latter track, which makes up for the lack of Young Thug’s physical presence with a few reminders of his impact on music fans in his native Atlanta.

Of course, while Young Thug’s presence is still felt in having young fans clamor all over Drake to recite Thug’s lyrics, the Atlanta rapper remains incarcerated. He’s (still) awaiting trial on charges of racketeering and other crimes, accused by the State of being the ringleader of a criminal organization responsible for wreaking havoc throughout Atlanta.

Being locked up didn’t stop Thug from releasing new music, though — even if the music was actually kind of old. Business Is Business is largely made up of material Thug had previously recorded before being arrested last year. Some fans still couldn’t help but conjecture about whether or not he’d commented on his present standing with YSL artist Gunna, who was released after accepting a plea deal in which he admitted to being in a gang.

Business Is Business is out now via Young Stoner Life Records/300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records. Get it here.

Young Thug is a Warner Music artist. .